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This blog has been created to inform prospective and former French Rags™ customers of our progress related to the planned re-introduction of the brand.

Since beginning our exploratory work in early 2006 we’ve been down many roads, considered numerous manufacturing and distribution models and had countless discussions with various suppliers and other possible participants in this new venture. By the end of 2008, we had constructed a business model to re-launch the French Rags™ brand, made exclusively in the U.S., that we believe is very viable.

We began our fundraising efforts in June 2009 and the initial feedback we have gotten from the investment community has been overwhelmingly positive. It is unclear how long it will take us to secure the funding necessary to formally launch the new French Rags™ but we are hopeful it will be sooner than later. Once we have fully funded the venture, we anticipate the products to be available within 4-5 months.

In the meantime, our product development efforts are fully underway and early prototypes have been wonderfully received by all those who have seen, felt and worn them.

In the coming days, weeks and months, we will be engaged in a variety of activities related to the re-launch and we look forward to sharing our progress. We invite all of you to join us on this amazing journey. Thank you again for your continued interest in and support of French Rags™.

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Brenda French, CEO


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